List of locations

Locations related to the Missions and Competitions are:
a) locations where the melodies and/or texts were collected;
b) locations of birth of researchers and informants, as well as informants’ various locations of residence; and
c) locations mentioned in the texts of songs.
Locations have been organized in three levels according to: Autonomous Communities, Provinces and Localities. From each location there are links to sources, pieces, researchers, informants and relevant publications.

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Location Province Autonomous Community
Amoeiro Ourense Galiza/Galicia
Anaya de Alba Salamanca Castilla y León
Anchuelo Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
Anchuras Ciudad Real Castilla-La Mancha
Anciles León, Castilla y León Castilla y León
Andorra Europa 一 Other countries
Andorra Teruel Aragón
Andorra la Vella Andorra Europa
Andraitx Mallorca Balears/Baleares
Andújar Jaén Andalucía
Angüés Huesca Aragón
Anguiano La Rioja, España Comunidad de La Rioja
Anievas Cantabria Cantabria
Anse Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Francia
Ansó Huesca Aragón
Antequera Málaga Andalucía
Anzánigo Huesca Aragón
Aoslos Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
Apiés Huesca Aragón
Aracena Huelva Andalucía
Araguas del Solano Huesca Aragón
Arahal Sevilla Andalucía
Aranda de Duero Burgos Castilla y León
Aranjuez Madrid Comunidad de Madrid
Arascués Huesca Aragón