AFC 2004/004: MS 03.04.80

Carta de Alan Lomax para Arcadio de Larrea
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1953 aprox.

22a, Clifton Hill,
London N.W.8.
7th January 1954.

Sen. Larea,
c/o Consejo Superior, de
Investigaciones Scientificas,
Serrano 117,
MADRID, Spain.

My dear Friend,

I send you greetings and best wishes for 1954. I should have written long before, but the last year has been a period of extremely hard work and of endless difficulties, but perhaps I have written you before that my trip to the north was extremely successful with many very good recordings made in Leon Asturias Galicia and at last a brief visit to Yerba de Basa where I took down the strange music of flute and psaltery. Selections of this material have been broadcast with great success on the Third Programme of the B.B.C.

I have not forgotten that I still owed you a small sum in return for the work you did to help me transscribe [sic] the songs. I have lost your precise address and hope that this letter and Lloyds Bank in Madrid find you.

Let me know what you are doing. Have you ever obtained a good recording machine? Are you still interested in our doing a bit of work together in Southern Spain and Morocco?

your friend,

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